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Ballos, Matia san kai ta dhika sou

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Information: A song.

Translation: When the Italians saw the Greeks dancing these couple dances, they called them "Ballo," which is the name of a popular form of medieval couple dance. Matia san kai ta dhika sou means" I have not seen eyes like yours."

Pronunciation: BAH-lohs, MAH-tee-ah sahn kai tah DHI-kah soo

Region: Greece


Matia san kai ta dhika sou, dhen iparhoun sto dounia,
ki' opios ta glykofilisi, haro dhen fovatai pia.
Ase me na ta filiso, isos vro tin gaitrea
yia na vgalo to saraki, pou mou troi tin kardia ("ti gardia").
      I have not seen eyes like yours in the whole world,
and whoever kisses them will no longer fear death.
Let me kiss them; maybe I'll get well.
I'll get rid of whatever is eating up my heart.


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