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Ha'ofi Shel Marduch

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Information: A song.

Ha'ofi Shel Marduch by Don Ben-Amotz and Haim Hefer.

Translation: The character of Marduch

Pronunciation: hah-oh-FEE shehl mar-DOOKH

Source: Yalkut-Hachazavim. Heard and written down by Shamu V'rashmu.

Region: Israel

Note: yalkut-gav = backpack


Pa'am yetsa Marduch
im od kamah chevreh
l'shum al haKineret.
K'de sheihiye romanti
l'kach ato Marduch
et haluks shel hadayagim.
Kacha shatu al haKineret
shehit'chil lihiyot mesha'amam.
Omrim hachevreh l'Marduch:
zorek et haluks l'yam,
nireh im yesh lecha ofi.
Omer Marduch:
mah zeh sheyech l'ofi?
Im ani rotse ani zorek oto l'yam.
Hachevre: zarok oto, nireh.
Marduch: chaval al haluks.
Hachevre: ayn l'cha ofi.
Marduch: li ain ofi?
Hachevre: ain l'cha.
Marduch: ze shum davar.
Im ani rotse ani zorak oto l'yam.
Hachevre: mah ata medaber
harbe? Nirei otcha.
Marduch: Daber gadol!
(Mistachel al hachevre
bebuz v'zorak et haluks
bakoach letok hayam).
Nu, mah atem omrim achshav?
Ana'u lo hachevre:
ain l'cha ofi.
Kol echad yichol l'hashpia elecha.
      Once went out Marduch
with some of the gang
to sail on the Kineret.
In order to be romantic
to take with him Marduch
the lamp of the fishermen.
So they sailed on the Kineret
that decided to be bored.
Says the friend to Marduch:
throw the lamp to the sea,
We shall see if you have character.
Says Marduch:
what's it got to do with character?
If I want I will throw it to the sea.
Friend: throw it, we will see.
Marduch: it's a waste of a lamp.
Friend: you do not have character.
Marduch: I haven't character?
Friend: you don't.
Marduch: that's nothing.
If I want, I shall throw it into the sea.
Friend: why do you talk
so much? We shall see [about] you.
Marduch: You talk big!
(looks at the gang
with contempt and throws the lamp
with force to the middle of the sea).
Well, what do you-all say now?
[They] answered him the friend:
you have no character.
Everyone can influence you.


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