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Mainewoods Dance Camp

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Mainewoods Dance Camp


Information: Mainewoods Dance Camp is located at Camp Indian Acres along the Saco River in Fryeburg, Maine. The Main Building is where it all happens. It offers dining, dancing on a spacious hardwood floor, and a lounge for relaxing. The Saco River runs right along the camp grounds, a wonderful place to swim and cool off, or just sit along the bank and relax. The camp grounds also feature a swimming pool, volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts.

Two issues of Mainewoods Memories are published each week and contain notes about happenings during the week.

Information: Maine Folk Dance Camp was founded in 1946 by Jane Farwell, who invited Mary Ann and Michael Herman as teachers and then encouraged them to find their own site and take over the camp in 1948. Mary Ann directed the camp until her death in 1992. Maine Camp lasted two more years, until 1994 when Michael decided to close the camp. The following year, 1995, devoted staff and campers founded Mainewoods Dance Camp with the theme of “International Understanding Through Dance” and incorporated as a 501(c)3.


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