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Old-Tyme Kolos
By Dick Crum

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Dick Crum


Information: A book.

Old-Tyme Kolos, Richard Crum, Los Angeles: 1993 Tamburitza Extravaganza, 1993.

These are a few dances done in the Croatian and Serbian communities of the eastern U.S. over a half-century period, from the beginnings of the "great economic immigration" in 1890 up to the "kolo revival" of the 1950's. The center of the revival was Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – appropriately so, since that city was a long-time American stopping point for the early immigrants, and the headquarters of both the great U.S. and Croatian organization. The number of the old-time (pre-1950) kolos was not large – a few dozen – but they formed a sentimantal base-rock upon which kolo dancing later evolved. Their survival depended as much upon dedicated, kolo-loving tamburaši as it did upon the dancers.

Dick Crum



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