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Shabat Shel Menucha

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Information: A song.

Words and music by Christo Nikolopoulos, sung by Haim Moshe (see photo above) – orthodox Yemenite cassette singer.

Translation: Sabbath of rest (Lanuach means to rest).

Pronunciation: shah-BAHT shehl meh-noo-KHAH

Region: Israel


Yom rishon avar
yom sheni nig'rar
hashlishi emtsai
v'ze kavua
r'vi'i yotseh
(b')chamishi motse
hineh chalaf avar shavua.

Yom rishon cholef
basheni ayef
v'bashlishi cholem lanuach
r'vi'i cholin
chamishi mechin
et hashishi v'sof shavua.

          U'beshabat, shabat shel menucha
          chala, nirot, kidush veyiin
          u'beshabat im kol hamispacha
          isha, v'yeled al k'tafayim
          u'beshabat im kol hamispacha
          zmirot ad lev shamayim

Yom rishon kaved
yom sheni oved
u'bashlishi hakol patuach
r'vi'i shone
b'chamishi koneh
l'yom shishi v'sof shavua.

          Pizmon 2X
      Sunday passed
Monday dragged
Tuesday (is) in the middle
in its fixed (place)
Wednesday leaves
in Thursday is found
behold past past week.

Sunday passed
on Monday I'm tired
Tuesday I dream to rest
Wednesday is secular
Thursday I prepare
the Friday and the weekend.

          And on Sabbath, Sabbath of rest
          braided bread, candles, blessing in wine
          and on Sabbath with all the family
          wife, and children on shoulders
          and on Sabbath with all the family
          melodies up until the heart the skies (with devotion).

Sunday is heavy
Monday is work
Tuesday everything is open
Wednesday is different
Thursday is buying
for Friday and the weekend.

          Refrain 2X


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