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Tni Li

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Information: A song.

Translation: Let me

Pronunciation: TNEE lee

Other name: Titni Li

Region: Israel

Words and music by Christo Nikolopoulos, sung by Haim Moshe (see photo above), orthodox Yemenite cassette singer


Tni li keren shemesh
lehatchil et haboker
u'balayla kerem shel chochav
tni li daka rak lit'om
min hachofesh sheani noladeti elav
tni li lit'om rak daka
min hachofesh
shehaya li ve'nignav.

          Tni li, tni li
          al tikchi li
          et hachofesh, et hamenucha
          ma nishar li, ma notar li
          shir lenechhama.

Thi li rak lishmoah
et mashak ha knafaim
lehargish kmo tsipur chofshiyah
tni li lashevet mul sh'kiyah
bein arbayim
v'lir'ot ba'ofek oniyah
tni li lashuv el ha'or shebabayit
el hachofesh shehayah.
      Allow me a ray of sun
to start the morning
and at night a ray of star
allow me a minute only to taste from
the freedom I had
allow me a taste for just a minute of
the freedom I had
that I was born to it (him).

          Allow me, allow me
          don't take away from me
          the freedom, the rest
          what remains, what is left
          a song for comfort.

Allow me only to hear
the sound of the wings
to feel like a free bird
allow me to sit in front of the sunset
twilight time
to watch a boat on the horizon
allow me to return to the light of home
to the freedom that was.


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