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Tsivay Hadegel Hayisraeli

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Information: A song.

Translation: The colors of the Israeli flag

Pronunciation: tsih-VAY hah-DEH-gehl hah-yis-rah-EH-lih

Region: Israel

Note: tseva ➡ tsivaim shel hadegel ➡ tsivay hadegel


Bi'ime hakongres haTsioni
harishon b'Bazal hitvaku
reshe haYehudim al hatsva'im
sheihiyu ladegel haTsioni.
Pa'am dibru al kach Hertsel
v'David Volfson.
V'hineh hem ro'im Yehudi
holech labeyt hakneset
v'talito b'yedo.
Miyad amar Volfson l'Hertsel:
tsivay hatalit ihiyu
tsivay hadegel shelanu.
Tsva'im eleh hayu itanu bagolah
min hayaldut v ad lakever,
v'hem ihiyu itanu
gam b'darkenu lamoledet.
Az hachlitu,
ki t'chelet-lavan
ihiyu hatsva'im shel
hadagal haTsioni,
v'chamishim shana achar kach -
tsivay hadegel
shel medinat Yisrael.
      In the days of the Congress of Zionists
the 1st in Basel argued (themselves)
leaders of the Jews about the colors
that will be in the flag of Zion.
Once they talked about it, Hertsel
and David Volfson.
And lo, they saw a Jew
go to the synagogue
with prayer shawl in hand.
Immediately said Volfson to Hertsel:
the colors of the talit will be
the colors of our flag.
Colors these were with them in diaspora
from childhood to the grave,
and they will be with them
also in our road to our native land.
because blue-white
they will be the colors of
the flag of Zion,
and 7 years later -
the colors of the flag
of the state of Israel.


lehitvakecha = argue.
talit = prayer shawl. It has 613 knots for the commandments: Can't mix animal and vegetable fibers in clothing.

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