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Zemer Atik

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Information: A song.

Translation: Old melody

Pronunciation: ZEH-mer ah-TEEK

Other name: Nigun Atik

Region: Israel


Found in several sources, including Ira Gessel's MIT Folk Dance Club Songbook.

Od nashuva el nigun atik
vehazemer yif veye'erav.
Od gavia meshumar nashik, nashik,
alizei einayim ulevav.

Tovu, tovu ohaleinu
ki machol hiftsi'a.
Tovu, tovu ohaleinu,
od nashuva el nigun atik.
      We will return again to an ancient melody
and the song will linger on.
When we raise our glasses together
our eyes and hearts will be bright.

How good are our tents
because there's dancing there.
How good are our tents,
still we return to an ancient melody.


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