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Adiós a Chiapas

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Information: A dance.

Translation: Farewell to Chiapas

Pronunciation: ah-dhe-OS ah chee_AH_pahs

Source: This dance of Chiapas, Mexico, was presented by Felipa (Feli) Sánchez P. at the 1991 Festival Folklórico Internacional.

Region: Mexico

Meter: 3/4


1-12 No action.
1.   Waltz Steps.
1-4 Three waltz steps in turn to the R and caravana L foot behind, arms wide.
5-8 Three waltz steps in turn to the L and caravana R foot behind, arms wide.
9-12 Four times feet lightly seperated and making sway R, L, R, L.
2.   Circles.
13-20 L foot raised in front and R arm raised in front (alternating R and L) 10 times, to turn in a circle (each person with waltz step 6 times and 7 and 8 turn.)
21-24 Three times waltz step dancing to L and 1, 2, 3 fast turn on the toes and time 4 caravana.
3.   Large Circle.
1-2 Two waltz steps starting always with R foot in front, arms wide, leaving R foot in front close the arms in front and open.
3-8 Repeat action of bars 1-2, 4 times in all.
9-16 Dance to the R with 6 waltz steps forming large circle each person, -- turn to the R rapidly 1, 2, 3, 4 on the toes and caravana.
4.   Grapevine in the large circle.
1-4 Open R foot to the side, pass L behind, open R to the side, pass L in front
5-16 Repeat action of bars 1-4, 4 times in all.
17-24 Dance – forming circle to the R each person 6 times and fast turn on the toes of the feet and caravana.
5.   Finale.
1-24 L foot raised in front, with R arm high and in front alternating with L 10 times, to turn to the R forming circle 3 times and time 4 caravana: turn to the L with 3 waltz steps and time 4 caravana, turn to the R with 3 waltz steps, fast turn 1, 2, 3, 4 and caravana.


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