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Elaine, George, and Karine Bandera

The Society of Folk Dance Historians (SFDH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational corporation dedicated to preserving information about the history and practice of international folk dancing for the use of individuals worldwide: Transforming information into movement since 1987.

The Society has ceased publication of the Folk Dance Phone Book & Group Directory, the Folk Dance Problem Solver, and the Report To Members as of December 31, 2022. Copies remain available while supplies last. Email for details.

Please do not send any more archives at this time! We are trying to catch up with processing what we have now.

We will continue to help people who ask for information (email SFDHist at gmail dot com), and we will continue to seek a person or institution to accept and properly curate the archives and library.

Ron and Tatiana deeply appreciate the many dear, dear friends that they have met through the Society, and they deeply miss those who have passed away.

From the very first member ("I'll bite. Here's my $5.") to the most recent who joined on Memorial Day, 2022, We say: "May each of you be blessed by your own particular God/s as we have been."