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Ağır Halay

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Information: A dance.

Translation: Slow dance

Pronunciation: AIR HAH-ligh

Region: Turkey


Tayyar Akdeniz Ahmet Lüleçi Tayyar Akdeniz taught Ağır Halay in Chicago in the 1990s as a two-part dance.

Ahmet Lüleçi later added a third step and did it to the music "Saza Niye Gelmedin," a song in the video "Mavi Mavi" by Ibrahim Tatlises, a Kurd from east Turkey.

It is sung by Güler Işık (the way most folk dancers know it).

It is a very powerful recording and a good recording to demonstrate Cucuna rhythm (pronounced "joorjoona"): 10/8 divided 3+2+2+3.

–John Uhlemann


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