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Alunelul de la Orodel

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Theodore Vasilescu Information: A dance.

Translation: Little hazelnut of the commune of Ordel. Traditionally, it has been thought that "alunelul" means "little hazelnut" but Romanian folklore specialist, Theodor Vasilescu, favors the meaning as a contraction of "a lu Nelu" (where Nelu is the name "John" so the meaning is "John's dance") because, with the exception of Floricica ("little flower"), dances are rarely named for trees, plants, or flowers.

Pronunciation: ah-lu-NEH-lool deh lah oh-ro-DEHL

Other Name: Hajda Hajda

Region: Romania

Source: Jeremy Hull, from Ann Smreciu.

Formation: Short lines in front basket hold.


1 Step sideways towards center on right, leading with right shoulder ("Hajda").
2 Pivot on right, stepping sideways towards center on left, leading with left shoulder ("Hajda").
3-4 Moving sideways away from the center, step together, on L, R, L.
5-8 Repeat 1-4 on opposite feet.
9-12 Repeat 1-4.
13-14 Repeat 5-6.
15-16 Step L in place facing center, stamp right.


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