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An Dro

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Information: A dance.

Translation: The turn

Pronunciation: ahn DROH

Source: Yves Moreau

Region: Brittany France


Yves Moreau wrote:

The so-called An Dro Retourné was a novelty synth-pop arrangement of the standard old French folk song "Chang'rais-tu" created by Celtic singer Talitha McKenzie and recorded by her. The arrangement is probably copyrighted by her, but the tune couldn't be. I "discovered" it and used it for my delightful choreography that has become so popular.

Dear Tom and friends:

Just a clarification here. An Dro Retourné is not a "choreography" which I put together to the song "Changerais-tu". This is an actual traditional dance (based on the An Dro form which is well-known in Britanny and which is always done to this particular song. People often do it with no instrumental accompaniment, just singing (and dancing simultaneously). I danced this dance in the summer of 1980 at a party hosted by members of the "Bagad de Lan Bihoue," a famous Breton Piper band attached to the French Naval forces.

Yves Moreau


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