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Anna Angelova

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Anna Angelova

Anna grew up in a small town in Northern Bulgaria where the lively local festivities (sabors) and traditional ceremonies kindled her interest in folklore at an early age. Anna’s dance adventures started when she joined the town’s folk dance ensemble where she learned from esteemed choreographers and performed along experienced dancers throughout her youth years.

Upon coming to the United States to further her education, Anna was introduced to the internationally acclaimed Ahmet Lüleci's Collage Dance Ensemble: a unique experience that unlocked passion and appreciation for the greater Balkan magic and beyond. The eight years Anna spent performing with Collage on local and national stages were instrumental for her growth as a dancer – from professional attitude to stage presence to polished style to authentic connection with our ancestors through Ahmet's vibrant choreographies. In 2022, Anna was honored to teach Bulgarian Dance at Ahmet’s annual World Camp in Rock Hill, New York.

With the start of her own family, Anna felt the need to be more involved in the local Bulgarian community. This is when she joined Ludo Mlado, a Bulgarian folk ensemble led by Pepi Petrov and Marieta Mirčeva. Anna connected with Ludo's mission to preserve the rich dance traditions of Bulgaria. An outstanding moment with Ludo was the opportunity to participate in the Chicago Folk Festival VEREA.

In addition to her continuous dive into the richness of authentic Bulgarian folklore, Anna has been intrigued by the expressive and passionate rhythms of the Romani dances, thus seeking to acquire further dance knowledge of their intricate folklore.

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