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Ani mori

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Information: A song.

Translation: Oh young bride

Pronunciation: AH-nee MOH-reh

Region: Albania


Ani mori nuse, ani qaf'-gastare.
ani a du ruz-e, ani a du pare?
As nuk dua ruz-e, as nuk dua pare
por e dua djalin more me cigare
ani me cigare, ani me alltie
e me k√ępuca t'zeza, veshur si zotni-e.
Ani mori nuse, moj vetull gjilpan-e
ani dil e shih e moj djalin moj xhan-e.
      Oh young bride with a throat [as fine / smooth as] glass,
do you want beads, do you want money [gold coins for your throat]?
I don't want beads, I don't want money,
I want the young man with the cigarette,
with the cigarette, with the pistol,
and with black dress shoes, dressed like a gentleman.
Oh young bride, with eyebrows as slender as a needle,
come out and see your young man, oh dear one.


Ani Mori nuse, Ani qoft paskare
Ani a dobuze Ani a do pare
As nun dua nuse as nun dua pare
por e dua djalin djalin me cigare
Ani me cigare ani me kutie
eme me kepuce' te zeza porsi zotnie
Ani more nuse moj vetull gelpane
Ani dil'e shije' moj djalin moy xhane


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