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Baba Nedelja

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Information: A song.

Translation: Grandmother Nedelja

Pronunciation: BA-ba NEE-del-ya

Lyrics translation: Tatiana Nikolova-Houston

Region: Bulgaria

Other sources: "Balkanology," Ivo Papasov, Hannibal HNCD 1363, Baba Nedelya


Deto se horo igrae
sred selo nasred megdana
dor devet gajdi svireha
dor tri tûpana bijaha.
Nedelja, bulka hubava,
tja se sûs gajdi nadpjava.
Gajda na gajda produma:
"Mlknete, gajdi, ta chujte
"Mlknete, gajdi, ta chujte
koj si sûs naze nadpjava.
Dali e pile slavejche
ili e siva gugutka?"
Nito je pile slavejche,
nito je siva gugutka,
naj mi e bulka Nedelja,
chorbadzhi Sivuva nevesta.
Blazej na Sivo chorbadzhi
che ima bulche hubavo
che ima bulche hubavo
deto si gajda nadpjava!
      There where a horo is danced,
in the midst of the village, in the square,
up to nine bagpipes were playing
and three drums were beating.
Nedelja, a beautiful young wife,
she is competing with bagpipes.
One bagpipe to another said:
"Hush, bagpipes, so you can hear
"Hush, bagpipes, so you can hear
who with us is competing with us.
is it a nightingale
or is it a gray dove?"
It's neither a nightingale
nor is it a gray dove,
rather it's the young wife Nedelja,
rich Sivo's bride.
Good fortune to rich Sivo
for having a beautiful wife,
for having a beautiful wife,
who can out-sing a bagpipe!


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