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Balkanske Igre Spring Festival

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Balkanske Igre Spring Festival

Balkanske Igre Website: https://www.balkanskiigri.com/.

Information: The Spring Festival features the dance, music, and culture of the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Dance parties are held every evening with the best Balkan orchestras. There is a concert Saturday evening with more than ten Balkan and Eastern European dance and musical groups. Workshops in dance, singing, and music are held on Saturday and Sunday with top master teachers in Balkan and Eastern European folk dances.

Ensemble Balkanske Igre aims to promote Balkan and Eastern European folklore to the Chicago community and present all people with the opportunity to experience the culture, dance, music, and songs they so love. They foster a safe environment to enjoy and learn music and dance and welcome people of any and all ages, interests, and backgrounds.

The Spring Festival is a function of the performing group Balkanske Igre and is held in the environs of Chicago, Illinois in March.

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