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Glenn and Evelyn Bannerman

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Glenn and Evelyn Bannerman


Information: Glenn and Evelyn Bannerman, teachers of Appalachian big circle and clogging dance.

Glenn Bannerman was known nationwide as a dance caller, teacher, and leader. He was born in Hopewell, Virginia, had a degree in Municipal Recreation and a Masters degree in Christian Education. For many years, he was a professor of Recreation and Outdoor Education at the Presbyterian School of Christian Education in Richmond, Virginia. After 20 years, he retired in 1989 and formed the Bannerman Family Celebration Services.

Glenn and his family operated the Thanksgiving Folk Dance Camp for over thirty years which provided a unique holiday weekend of recreation, dance, and family activities in a beautiful mountain environment. Glenn and Evelyn taught at clogging at camps all over the country.

One of Glenn's publications is

Glen also published long play (LP) recordings with illustrated manuals, two of which are Big Circle Mountain Square Dancing and Applachian Clog Dancing.

Glen passed away on October 30, 2020 from COVID-19 virus and Evelyn passed away November 17, 2020, also from COVID-19 virus.

Dances Glenn taught include Appalachian clog dances, Appalachian smooth dances, and Big Circle Mountain Dances, Clogging, and Elvira.

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