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B'erev shabat

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Information: A song.

Lyrics and music by Haim Moshe, orthodox Yemenite (= Teyman) singer in Israel.

Translation: On Sabbath eve

Pronunciation: beh-REHV shah-BAHT

Region: Israel


B'erev shabat nishev v'ezkerah
neimot asher nogot li balev
shulchan v'nirot aruchim b'orah
v'aba mivrach bekol arev.

V'ima im mitpachat la'shulchan hi magisha
misamim v'mavas ohev
achii v'achotii potschim bashira
v'aba batsukim nover.

Im shachar nakuma yachdav lehitpalel
v'shliyach-hatsibur kore birkat gomel
kol hayaldim b'yachad b'makela g'dola
v'gam hataf oneh lahem behilulah.

Shomim et haMaftir v'gam haMetargem
       (Maftir – Aramaic "last one," targem = trans.)
ve'anochi bekol tamid oneh lahem.

Chozrim mebet-hak'neset aba v'hayaldim
omdim bator bapeta im ima lehashkotam
       (Gives them drink – literally, to water them)
ve'az al hashulchan nishva mesubim
v'ima pagisha et hadjaghnun v'habeytsim
      (djaghnun = dough in olive oil)
v'aba berech im tset hashabat
laner v'lavashmim nafsho meyachala.
      On Sabbath eve we will sit and remember
pleasant melodies which touch my heart
table and candles are set with light
and father blesses with voice pleasant.

And mother with kerchief to the table serves
with delights to eat and looks of love
my brothers and my sisters burst into song
and father they delve into verse.

With dawn come we awake and together pray
and public announcer reads blessing of benefactor
all the children together in choir large
and also the little answer them with joy.

One hears the Maftir and also the Metargem
and I in voice always answer them (join in).

Return from the synagogue father and the kids
they stand on line in the entrance and mother
and then to the table to sit around
and mother serves the djaghnun and the eggs
and father blesses with the end/exit of the Sabbath
to the candle and to the spices his soul longs for (desires).


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