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Bo Dodi

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Gurit Kadman Information: A dance and song.

Translation: Come, my beloved

Pronunciation: BOH doe-DEE

Source: Choreographed by Gurit Kadman prior to 1953, music by I. Vogel, also known as J. Fogel, this Israeli folk dance is a dance of courtship, so let's see a little courting out there!

Region: Israel

Meter: 4/4

Formation: Circle of couples, woman to partner's R, all facing CW, not CCW. Hands unjoined.

Steps and Style: Passive step (= 4 step-bends): step slightly to L onto L ft (ct 1), bend L knee and clap hands (ct 2), repeat to R (cts 3,4). Repeat. Active step: step forward onto L ft (ct 1), touch R toe beside L ft (ct 2), repeat step-touch onto R ft (cts 3,4). Run forward 4 steps onto: L ft, R ft, L ft, R ft (cts 1,2,3,4).

Traveling step: Step forward onto L ft (ct 1), hop forward on L ft (ct 2), step-hop forward onto R ft (cts 3,4), leap forward onto: L ft, R ft, L ft, R ft (cts 1,2,3,4).


1-2 Shift weight to R ft so as to be ready to start onto L ft.
1.   We can't go on meeting like this.
1-2 Man dances the passive step; woman dances the active step, moving forward and CW around the circle.
3-4 Woman dances the passive step; man rejoins woman with the active step.
5-8 Repeat action of bars 1-4.
2.   Running around together.
9-10 Man dances the passive step; W M x center.
11-12 Woman dances the passive step; man dances the active step around the woman: M W x center.
3.   Getting serious. Grasp your partner's elbows. Bend L elbows to face a bit to L.
17-20 Turn CW as a couple with 2 active steps (but not too active steps).
21-24 Bend slightly your own R elbow and turn CCW as a couple with 2 active steps.
4.   All face CW, woman to man's R, and slightly forward. Join R hands above woman's R shoulder; hold joined L hands forward (varsouvienne position).
  Drop hands to repeat the dance from the beginning, twice more.


Bo dodee aloofee hagorna,
sham sim'cha sham tsohola!
Boee yafatee bimcholot netse-a
hechatan v'hakala.
Tnoo tsil'chem hare Efrayeem;
zamru zemer lakotsreem!
v'atem kochvey shamayeem,
ronoo ronoo ladodeem.
      Come my beloved, to the threshing floor,
there'll be laughter and joy!
Yes, my fair one, let's dance together
like two sweethearts.
Cast your shade, oh hills of Ephraim;
sing your glad song to the reapers!
And you, oh stars in the shining heavens,
sing to the lovers all night long.



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