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Patricia Campbell

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Patrician Campbell


Information: Patricia Campbell, teacher of Colonial and 18th Century dance.

Patricia Campbell started Modern Dance at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance at age 5, followed by a bit of ballet. After no formal dance training for many years, she came across International folk dancing at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and danced most Friday nights. She continued with International folk dancing after moving to Connecticut to attend graduate school.

She discovered contra dancing in the mid 1980s and fell absolutely in love with the Celtic and French Canadian music.

In 1987, she founded the NOrtheast Music, Art and Dance (NOMAD) Festival. 2007 was the 20th anniversary! Patricia met Fran and Chip Hendrickson there, discovered 18th century and Colonial dancing, participated as a caller the second year, and joined the Committee to help out by the third year, serving on the Board of Directors and Programming Committee for many years.

During these years of dancing she worked in a variety of capacities: special education teacher and supervisor, Assistant Marketing Manager, Business Manager for a Marketing and Management Consulting Company, her own desktop publishing and consulting business, and eventually became a dance caller and teacher.

Patricia has led dance programs for homeschoolers' groups, monthly family dances, and a whole bunch of what they call "Barn Dances" (a little of everything). Her current focus is on community, school, and family dances, as well as historical dances for re-enactments, libraries, historical societies, or anyone interesting in creating a Colonial Ball or other historical dance event. She is also available for workshops and residencies.

Her interests range from traditional dance, traditional music, Broadway shows (mainly musicals), watching ballet, walking, reading, gardening, cooking, working out, and traveling, to dancing!

A traditional dance is a terrific and lively social activity. The caller walks you through each dance and then continues to prompt you through it, which makes it simple and highly enjoyable.

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