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Cooperative Recreation Service

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Cooperative Recreation Service


Information: An organization.

Among other things, a publisher of books about folk song and folk dance. The Cooperative Recreation Service was founded by Lynn and Kathryn Rohrbough in the 1930's. By 1976 Katherine had died previously and Lynn was no longer able to run the business so the Rohrbough family decided to sell Cooperative Recreation Service. A group of friends of the Rohrbough's were asked if they were interested in carrying on the enterprise. They researched it and decided to purchase and move the entire business to Celo, North Carolina. Now it is located in a building near the base of Mount Mitchell, the highest mountain in eastern United States. The main business is now more strictly songbooks than when the Rohrbough's ran the business.

The Cooperative Recreation Service is now called World Around Songs (Pocket Songbooks For All Occasions – For more than 75 years!). They began as the Cooperative Recreation Service in the 1930's, collecting folk songs, dances, and games from all over the world into handy little pocket-sized books. They have been pioneers in the development of the folk revival and the popularization of the recreation movement world wide. Their booklets have been used extensively by folk societies, camps, music educators, and anyone who loves to sing and they invite you to explore their fascinationg collection of pocket-sized booklets – a perfect fit in your back pocket or instrument case.

Their collection includes American and International Folk songs, Contemporary Songs, Humorous Songs, and Work Songs in the categories of Carols, Rounds, Spirituals, Hymns, and Canons.


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