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Charles Crampton

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Charles Ward Crampton


Information: Dr. Charles Ward Crampton, teacher and author of books about international dance.

Dr. Crampton was born in 1877. He was an author, physician, professor, scientist, and consultant who was an active promoter of public service, physical fitness, and hygiene. He worked with both the Boy Scouts and the Camp Fire Girls, and conducted research on the cardiopulmonary system.

He was involved with the 1926 Admiral Byrd Antarctic expedition, and received a personal thank you letter from Admiral Byrd. He had original photographs of Lou Gehrig, taken for the May 1937 issue of his monthly article in Boy's Life magazine, entitled "Keeping Physically Fit."

He wrote the introduction and was involved in the writing of Nils W. Bergquist's book Swedish Folk Dances.

Dr. Crampton died in 1964.


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