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Dance A While
By Jane Harris, Anne Pittman, Marlys Waller, and Cathy Dark

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Dance a While


Information: A book of folk dances.

Dance A While, 8th edition, 2000, authored by Jane A. Harris, Anne M. Pittman, Marlys S. Waller, and Cathy L. Dark.


The Beginning
Cultural Significance
          The Continent
          European Influence
          Slave Trade
          Traditional Dance
          Art and Dance
          Dance Instruments and Objects
          Spiritual World
          Environmental Influences
          Beo and Gnenon Dances
          The future
Pacific Rim Perspective
American Perspective

Why Dance
Purpose of Dance
          Sound Systems
          Teaching with Recordings
          Live Music
          Teaching with Live Music
Planning Instructions
          Total Dance Program
                     Program Curriculum
                    Extracurricular Opportunities
          Dance Unit
          Daily Planning Instruction
                    Daily Lesson
          Objectives/Students Outcome
          Assessing Group Variables
          Content Selection
          Lesson Plan
Orientation to the Dance Class
          Setting the Stage
                    Social Aids
                    Fun with Cutting In
                    Uneven Numbers Creating a “Ghost Partner”
                    Teaching Students with Special Needs
          First Class Meeting
Class Procedure
          Strategies for Selecting Material and Presentation
          General Teaching Points
          Teaching a Specific Dance
          Practical Test
          Written Test
                    Grading the Class
          Enrichment Activities
                    Class Project
                    Bulletin Boards
                    Culminating Activities
                    Community Resources
                    Teacher Resources
Organizing Special Activities
          Family Dances
          One-Night Stand
          The Special Party
          Te Theme Party
          People with Physical Disabilities
          Senior Dances

Rhythm and Meter
Analysis of a basic Rhythm
Fundamental Locomotor Movements
          Exercises for Fundamental Locomotor Movements
Basic Dance Steps
          Shuffle, Dance Walk, or Glide
          Two-Step or Triple-Step
Basic Dance Turns
          Schottische Turn Clockwise
          Two-Step Turn Clockwise
          Polka Turn Clockwise
          Waltz turn
Suggestions for Teaching Basic Dance Steps
          Analysis of Rhythm of Basic Step
          Method of Presentation
          Independent Factors Influencing Procedure
Procedure for Teaching Basic Dance Steps and Turns
          Schottische and Clockwise Turn
          Progressive Two-Step
          Two-Step turn clockwise
          Polka Turn Clockwise
          Running Waltz
          Box Waltz and Turn
          Waltz Turn Clockwise
          Pivot Turn
          Spin or Twirl
Dance Positions
Dance Formations
Music in Relation to Dance
          Listen to the Beat
          How to Recognize Music for Dance
          Rhythm Training and Appreciation
Dance Style
          The Beautiful Dancer
          Ear and Ankle Alignment
          Good Posture–Key to Body Balance and Control
          Achieving Approp0riate Style
          Teaching Style

Dances from the European Courts to the American Ballroom
The Unique Contributions of African Americans
The Spanish-Mexican Influence
Dances of the People
          Square Dances
          Play Party Games
          Round and Novelty Dances
          Contra Dances
          Appalachian Clog Dances
          Cajun Dances
A Social Occasion
Revival of Folk Traditions
The Melting Pot versus Ethnic Identity
Teaching Suggestions
          Various Approaches
          Grand March
          Virginia Reel
          Grand Square Quadrille
          Paul Jones Your Lady
          Ninepin Reel
          Portland Fancy
          Big Circle Square Dances
                    Costumes and Shoes
                    Basic Clogging Steps
                    Teaching Clogging
          Example of Step Combinations
                    Alabama Gal
                    Nobody’s Business
                    Ping-Pong Schottische
                    Texas Schottische Variations
                    Texas Schottische for Three
                    Salty Dog Rag
                    Boston Two-Step
                    Heel and Toe Polka
                    Cotton-Eyed Joe
                    Blue Pacific Waltz
                    Garden Waltz
                    Oh Johnny
                    Amos Moses
                    Twelfth Street Rag
                    Plain and Novelty Mixers
                    Jiffy Mixer
                    Patty-Cake Polka
                    Mexican Mixer
                    Mexican Mixer
                    Tennessee Wig Walk
                    Red River Valley
                    Levi Jackson Rag

          New England
          The South
          Texas Square Dance
          Early Leaders
          Post-World War II
          Standardization of Basic Movements
          Contemporary Notes
Square Your Sets
          Sight Calling
          Tips for Sight Calling
          Keys to good Calling
          Calling Sequences
          Use of Prerecorded Calls
Teaching Approaches
          Planning Units and Lessons
          Mixers for Square Dance
                    Big Circle Mixers
                    Methods of Squaring Up
                    Methods for Changing Partners or Moving to a New Square
Basic Movements
          Teaching Progression and Analysis for Basic Movements of Square Dance
          Level 1A: Beginner Basics 1-8
          Level 1B: Orientation to the Square
          Level 2: Beginner Basics 9-20
          Level 3: Beginner Basics 21-33
          Level 4: Intermediate Basics 34-44
          Level 5: Intermediate Basics 45-50
          Additional 51-59
          Mainstream Movements 60-78
Patter Calls—Notes on the Dance Figures
          Promenade the Ring
          Gents Star Right
          Bend It Tight
          Texas Star
          Arkansas Traveler
          Easy Bend the Line
          Split the Ring and Around Just One
          Arkansas Traveler with a Cross Trail Thru
          The Route
          Promenade the Outside Ring
          Split the Ring Variation 1
          Roll Away Combo 2
          Ends Turn In
          Box the Gnat–Pull By
          Roll Away Combo 1
          Split the Ring Variation 2
          Another Trail
          There’s Your Corner
          Easy Square Thru
          Pitt’s Patter 3
          Half-Square Thru Combo
          Just a Breeze
          Five Hands
          Half-Square Thru and then Three-Quarters
          Sail Away
          Star Thru Square Thru Combo
          Star Thru–California Twirl
          Gnat and Flea Combo 1
          New Star Thru
          Go the Route
          Mucho Combo
          Pitt’s Patter 2
          Sides Break to a Line
          Duck Then Wheel Around
          Four in the Middle
          Now Hear This
          Eight Chain Combo 1
          A Long Way Over
          Turn Thru Combo
          Inside Arch and Outside Under
          Easy Wave
          Ocean Wave–Swing Thru Combo 2
          Ocean Wave–Circulate
           Ocean Wave–Swing Thru Combo 1
          Circulate Sue
Supplementary Square Dance Patter
          Breaks for Fours
          Breaks for Eights
Western Cowboy Square Dance
          Bird in the Cage–Seven Hands ’Round
          Catch All Eight
          Cowboy Loop
          Forward Up and Back
          Forward Up Six
          Milagro Square
          Sally Good’in
          Sides Divide
          Tea Cup Chain
Singing Calls
          Hurry, Hurry, Hurry
          Alabama Jubilee
          Hello Dolly
          Just Because
          Gentle on My Mind
          Old-Fashioned Girl
          Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By
          Happiness Is
          Chime Bells
          Goodbye My Lady Love
          A Fooler a Faker
          Tie Me Kangaroo Down
          If They Could See Me Now
          Smoke on the Water

          Playford Collection
          English, Scottish, and Irish Influence
          Contra Dance to the New World
          Contra Dance in California before the Gold Rush
          French-Canadian Influence
          Yankee Musicians
          And Yet They Live
          National Square Dance Revival and Country Dance
          The first Contra Dance Revival–Ralph Page
          The country Dance and Song Society and Other Organizations
          The Second Contra Dance Revival
          Contra Dance Records
          Contra Dancing Moves into the 21st Century
Contra Dance Basics
          Starting the Contra Dance Set
Formations in the Contra Dance
          Music and Timing
          The Role of the Caller
          Dance Sources
          Card File
          Music Sources
          Contra Dance Figures
          Teaching Suggestions
          Dance Levels
          Contra Dance Tunes Composed by Ralph Page
          Aw Shucks!
          Becket Reel
          Brimmer and May Reel
          British Sorrow
          Broken Sixpence
          CDS Reel
          Chili Pepper #4
          Chorus Jig
          Contra for Margie
          Dance Roma
          Dancing Sailors
          Delphiniums and Daisies
          Easy Does It
          Hull’s Victory
          Jed’s Reel
          Lady of the Lake
          The Nova Scotian
          The Other Mary Kay
          Pierce’s Hall Stroll
          Roadblock Reel
          Roll in the Hey
          Rory O’More
          Salmonchanted Evening
          Shadrack’s Delight
          Silver Lake Waltz
          Small Potatoes
          Symmetrical Force
          The Tourist
          Weave the Line
          With Thanks to the Dean

Folk Dance Movement
          Dance Sources
          Performing Groups
          Research and Advanced Studies
Understanding Folkways Enhances Dance
          Eastern and Western Culture
          Geography and Climate
          Holidays. Festivals, and Special Occasions
          Pata Pata
          Tant’ Hessie
Alpine Region—Switzerland, Austria, and Germany
          Dance Characteristics
          Folk Dancing in Switzerland
Dances from the Alpine Region
          D’Hammerschmiedsg’selln – Germany
          Dr Gsatzlig – Switzerland
          Kanonlwalzer – Germany
          Krüz König – Germany
          Man in the Hay – Germany
          Sonderburg Dopplequadrille – Germany
          Spinnradl zu Dritt – Austria
Balkan Countries
          Former Yugoslavia
Dances from Balkan Countries
          Hasapikos – Greece
          Lesnoto – Macedonia (FYROM)
          Misirlou – Greece and U.S.A.
          Pljeskavac kolo – Serbia
          Rumunjsko kolo – Serbia
          Sarajevka kolo – Serbia
          Savila se Bela Loza – Serbia
          Šetnja – Serbia
          Syrtos – Greece
          Tropanka – Bulgaria
British Isles
Dances from the British Isles
          Bonny Prince Charlie Crossing the Frew – Scotland
          The Bridge of Athlone – Ireland
          Butterfly Hornpipe – England (Warwickshire)
          Dover Pier – England
          The First of April – England
          Flowers of Edinburgh – Scotland (reel)
          Gie Gordons – Scotland
          The Northdown Waltz – England
          Oslo Waltz – Scotland and England
          The Ragg – England
          Road to the Isles – Scotland
          Siamsa Beirte – Ireland
          Three Meet – England
          The White Cockade ­ Scotland (reel)
          Willow Tree – England
          Discovery and Settlement
          Cape Breton
Dances from Canada
          La Bastringe
          The Saint John River
Czech Republic and Slovakia
Dance Characteristics
Dances from Czech Republic and Slovakia
          Doudlebská Polka – Czech Republic
          Tancuj – Czech Republic
          Dance Characteristics
Dances from France
          Branle d’Ossau
          La Montagnarde
          La Tournijaire
          Mon Père Avait un Petit Bois
          Rondeau de Garein
          Dance Characteristics
Dances from Hungary
          Hungarian Motifs
          Csárdás Palácosan
          Clarification of Ethnic Names and Nationalities
          Dance Characteristics
Dances from Israel
          Hava Nagila
          Hineh Ma Tov
          Ma Na’avu
          Ve’ David
Dance Characteristics
Dances from Italy
          Il Codiglione
          Sicilian Tarantella
          Dance Characteristics
Dances from Lithuania
          The Dance in Mexico
Dances from Mexico
          El Jarabe Tapatío
          Jesucita en Chihuahua
          La Cucaracha
          La Raspa
          Las Chiapanecas
          Santa Rita
          Dances of Poland
Dances from Poland
          Tramblanka–Polka Mazurka
          Walczyk “Ges Woda”
Dances from Romania
          Hora de Mîna
          Sîrba din Cimpoi
          Dance Characteristics
Dances from Russia
Dances from Scandinavia
          Bitte Mand I Knibe (Little Man in a Fix) – Denmark
          Den Toppede Høne (The Crested Hen) – Denmark
          Familie Sekstur – Denmark
          Familjevalsen – Sweden
          Hambo – Sweden
          Norwegian Polka (Scandinavian Polka)
          Seksmannsril – Norway
          Snurrbocken – Sweden
          Swedish Varsouvienne – Sweden
          Swedish Waltz – Sweden
          To Ting – Denmark
          Totur – Denmark
South America
Dances from South America
          Carnavalito – Bolivia
          Ranchera – Uruguay

          Phases of Social Dance
          Vintage Dance
Teaching Social Dance
          The Cue
          Unison versus Free Practice
          Dance Lesson Preparation
          Simple Lesson Plan
          Teaching Progression
          Technology Aids Teaching
Style of Social Dance
          Footwork in Social Dance
          One-Step/Dance Walk
Dance Positions
          Closed Position
          Trends in Vocabulary and Leading
          Techniques of Leading and Following
          Foxtrot Rhythm
          Foxtrot Style
          Fundamental Foxtrot Steps
          Foxtrot Combos
Disco Dance
          Disco Swing
Hustle with Partner
          Combination of Basic Steps
          Hustle Variation
          Charleston Rhythm
Charleston Style
          Teaching Suggestions
          Fundamental Charleston Steps
Swing (Jitterbug)
          Swing Rhythm
          Swing Style
          West Coast Swing Rhythm
          Fundamental Swing Steps
Triple Time—East Coast Swing
          Swing Combos
West Coast Swing
          Lindy Hop
Cajun Dance
          Cajun Waltz
          Cajun Two-Step
          Cajun One-Step
          Cajun Jitterbug
Zydeco Two-Step
          Tango Rhythm
          Tango Style
          Fundamental Tango Steps
          Tango Combos
          Waltz Rhythm
          Waltz Style
          Fundamental Waltz Steps
          Waltz Combos
Country Western
          Country Western Style
          Dance Hall Etiquette
Traditional Country Western Swing
          Traditional Country Western Swing Rhythm
          Cowboy Swing Style
          Cowboy Swing Variations
Texas Two-Step Swing
Traditional Two-Step
          Two-Step Rhythm
          Two-Step Style
Traveling Cha Cha
Sweetheart Schottische
Line Dance
          Teaching Tips for Line Dancing
          Line Dance Style
                    California Hustle
                    Cowboy Boogie
                    El Tango Sereno
                    Electric Slide
                    Four Corners
                    Para Bailar
                    Saturday Night Fever Line Dance
                    Slappin’ Leather
                    Watermelon Crawl
                    Western Wind
Cha Cha Cha
          Cha Cha Cha Rhythm
          Cha Cha Cha Style
          Fundamental Cha Cha Cha Steps
          Cha Cha Cha Combos
          Mambo Rhythm
          Mambo Style
          Fundamental Mambo Steps
          Merengue Rhythm
          Merengue Style
          Fundamental Merengue Steps
           Merengue Combos
          Rumba Rhythm
          Rumba Style
          Fundamental Rumba Steps
          Rumba Combos
          Salsa Style
          Salsa Steps
          Samba Rhythm
          Samba Style
          Fundamental Samba Steps
          Samba Combos

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