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Dance Families: A Choros Line
By Ron Houston, 2004

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Ron Houston 2007

Okay. I apologize. It's a terrible play on words! But I speculate that all these dances DID evolve from the Greek choros (those in Greek drama who danced and sang to accompany the dramatic action).

Chances are, you know a LOT of these dances but never stopped to consider their relatedness. Well, consider! Not only will your colleagues worship your ability to reconstruct hundreds of obscure dances, you might even enjoy knowing more about the seemingly random jumping up and down that North American recreational international folk dancers have done since about 1894. That's right, it's not really random!

I enjoy tracing these dance families, and I hope you do, too. For other examples, see "Polska Patterns" in the 1991 Problem Solver, "Kritikos" in the 1994 Problem Solver, "Heel and Toe Polka" in the 1998 Problem Solver, and "Seven Steps" in the 2001 Problem Solver.

Dance Families Chart


Used with permission of the author.
Printed in Folk Dance Problem Solver, 2004.

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