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Đelem, Đelem

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Information: A song.

Rom Recording: Opre OPCD 002, Rromano Centar (Vojvodina tamburitza band, Pera Petrović singing), 1995.

Translation: I walked, I walked

Pronunciation: JEL-em, JEL-em.

Region: Serbian Rom


// Đelem, đelem lungone dromenca
Maladilem čorrore Rromenca //

          // Aj, Rromalen, aj, čavalen! //

// A Rromalen, katar tume aven
E carenca thaj cikne čavrenca? //

// Amen avas andar e Indija
Kothar avel 'mari familija //
      I walked, I walked on long roads,
I met poor Rroma

          Oh, Rroma, oh, children!

Oh Rroma, where are you from
with your tents and little children?

We come from India,
our family comes from there.


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