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Larry Denenberg

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Larry Denenberg 2013


Information: Larry Denenberg, teacher and performer of Israeli dance.

Larry Denenberg has dedicated a tremendous amount of his life to Israeli dancing. He has been a member of the Israeli dance community in Boston, Massachusetts and beyond, as a performer, teacher, session participant, programmer, and host to many guests from around the world. He is the founder of the Israeli dance website HoraWiki and has his own website.

Larry was born and grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. He moved to the Boston area for school. Larry discovered Israeli dancing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1977. He taught his first Israeli dance in 1978 and first programmed in 1979, eventually becoming a regular programmer at MIT Wednesday Israeli dancing.

Larry performed in his first Boston Festival in 1986 with Screaming Sa'adya and the Electric Camels (then called Khamsin). Since then, Larry has been a member of several groups, including Zikukim and Neshikat Hagamal, performing in the Boston Festival, the New York Festival, and at NEFFA. In 1988, Larry went to Israel with Bustan Boston, one of four groups that represented North America at the first Karmiel Dance Festival. Larry has been a regular member of Sucaria, performing with both of his children.

Larry's sense of humor and excitement about Israeli dance have caught the attention not only of the Boston Israeli dance community but of the Israeli dance community around the world. Larry's family has had dances choreographed for them by two different choreographers, Debka Larden choreographed by Moshe Eskayo for Larry's 50th birthday and Shai L'Ayla choreographed by Moshiko Halevy in honor of the birth of Larry's daughter, Ayla.

In addition to Israeli dancing, Larry is also involved with other dance genres. He has been a regular programmer at MIT Sunday International Folk dancing. Larry has also called at MIT Tuesday Contra dancing.

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