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Information: A song.

Translation: A person

Pronunciation: DEHS-poh

Other name: The song is Sarakatsan.

Region: Greece

Publication: 20 Greek Dances (CD) published by Dora Stratou, DS 151


Bgika sti raxi, Despo mou
pws robolane oi sumpetheroi
Rixnoun toufekia, Depso mou, tragoudane axou, kai ta biolia barane
Sto gamo bale, Despo mou, ta stolidia
kai ta xrusa sou daxtulidia
      Someone sings to Despo:
I went out and saw the groom's family.
They shoot, sing and play violins.
Decorate yourself for the wedding
and wear your gold rings.


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