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Pierre Sandor Diabankouezi

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Pierre Sandor Diabankouezi


Information: Pierre Sandor Diabankouezi, teacher of Congolese dance.

Pierre Sandor Diabankouezi, who goes by Sandor, is a master choreographer of traditional dance, drum rhythms, songs, and kalimba (thumb piano) from the Peoples Republic of Congo.

He began formal training in traditional Congolese dance at the age of nine. He was choreographer and lead dancer for over ten years with the Congolese National Dance Company (National Ballet Du Congo).

In 1974, having completed his graduate studies and receiving his Masters in art and drama, Sandor became a professor teaching undergraduate level students of the arts as well as those pursuing professional careers in performing traditional dance and music.

Thirty years later, Sandor continues to choreograph and perform with Oakland, California's Fua Dia Congo, a company founded by the late Malonga Casquelourd. He also works with his own group, Ballet Bantu.

Sandor has traveled extensively around the world teaching master classes and teaching and performing at schools and festivals. When he is not traveling, Sandor teaches drum, song, and dance classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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