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Ziva Emtiyaz

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Ziva Emtiyaz


Information: Ziva Emtiyaz, teacher of Middle Eastern dance and fitness.

Ziva Emtiyaz is a professional dance artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her bright and radiant performance style has captured the hearts of many and enticed audiences worldwide. Ziva shares her passion for Middle Eastern Dance as an instructor, performer, and choreographer.

Ziva discovered Arabic dance with Middle Eastern dance artist Shoshanna, and performed with the award winning Ya Habibi Dance Company for two years. She continued to develop her foundation in Raqs al Sharqui with training from master percussionist Souhail Kaspar.

Ziva embraces the art of expressing the dynamic qualities of Middle Eastern music, and enjoys accompanying Kaspar throughout the United States to help coach dancers in his Rhythm and Movement (R&M) workshop. The success of the Rhythm and Movement workshop has brought Ziva to California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina, Kansas, Florida, Washington D.C., New Mexico, Seattle, Turkey, and Japan. Ziva enjoyed teaching R&M with Kaspar at the highly acclaimed Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp three years in a row, and was featured on his instructional DVD: Rhythm and Movement for Egyptian Raqs Al-Sharqi Vol. III.

Ziva was selected as a competition winner for Jillina's Bellydance Evolution. She performed as part of the cast in Immortal Desire's 2010 Los Angeles production. She returned to perform in 2012 Los Angeles production of The Dark Side of the Crown.

In July of 2012, Ziva was a featured instructor for Mendocino Folklore Camp's 50th anniversry. Ziva was more recently announced as a finalist on Cheeky Girl's Productions reality show Project Belly Dance.

Currently, Ziva is an active fitness and Arabic dance instructor throughout California's Bay Area. She is also the Arabic Dance Program Director for Hipline studios in Berekeley.

Dances Ziva has taught include Nar and Ya Alam.

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