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Ethiopia Eritrea

Africa Other than brief mentions in some of our digital Encyclopedia articles, the physical resources in the SFHD Archive concerning African Eritrea and Ethiopia consist of the following:

ETO Records MG-4987, Music of Ethiopia. A 7-inch, 45-rpm phonograph record issued by the Ethiopian Tourism Office many years ago, containing the following selections:
     a-1, Ahay Lominai – a love song and exotic dance from Eritrea.
     a-2, Denai Belew Belew – a sad tale of love and war from the Gonderai people.
     b-1, Aderegna – music from the Adere (now known as Harari) people, from Harar.
     b-2, Gamai – a zefen (secular song of poetry and dance) from the Amhara people of Eritrea.

"The Falashas," in Viltis 42:5, January 1984. Several articles about the "Black Jews in Ethiopia."

Joyner, Margaret. "At an Ethiopian Tej Beit," in SIFD News, April 1983, p. 5.

Millard, Candice S. "Keepers of the Faith," in National Geographic, July 2001. Article about the kingdom of Aksum.

U.S. Committee for UNICEFF, MB-666, Hi Neighbor 3. A 12-inch, 33 1/3 rpm phonograph record containing the following selections:
     a-2, Ethiopia-Patriotic Song. An unnamed song in Amharic.
     b-4, Lalom Byeye Lalo. A Tigriña festival dance.
     b-5, an unnamed festival song of the Amharas.


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