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Far East

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Far East


Information: A region.

The Far East is a geographical term in English that usually refers to East Asia (including Northeast Asia) and Southeast Asia. South Asia is sometimes also included for economic and cultural reasons. The term "Far East" came into use in European geopolitical discourse in the 12th century, denoting the Far East as the "farthest" of the three "easts," beyond the Near East and the Middle East. (The Russian Far East, part of North Asia, is also sometimes considered part of the Far East.)


  1. Bangladesh
  2. Brunei
  3. Bhutan
  4. Cambodia
  5. China
  6. East Timor
  7. Hong Kong
  8. India
  9. Indonesia
  10. Japan
  11. Laos
  12. Macau
  13. Malaysia
  14. Maldives
  15. Mongolia
  16. Myanmar (Burma)
  17. Nepal
  18. North Korea
  19. Philippines
  20. Singapore
  21. South Korea
  22. Sri Lanka
  23. Taiwan
  24. Thailand
  25. Vietnam


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