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Folk Arts Center of New England, Inc.


Information: An organization.

Among other things, the Folk Arts Center of New England, Inc. (FACONE or FAC) is a publisher of folk dance sheet music.

Founded by Conny and Marianne Taylor in 1975, FAC sponsors weekly and monthly community folk dances, annual camps, a music club, workshops, and other special events. FAC dance leaders and musicians provide cultural programs in schools and community settings. The Folk Arts Center provides resource and referral services for traditional dance and music communities in New England and beyond.

Board of Directors (1980)

Cornell S. Taylor, president
Marianne Taylor, clerk
Margaret Klintaberg, treasurer
Bernice Chesler
J. Robert Hamilton
Phyllis Handel
Alan Marshall
Paul Milde, M.D.

Advisory Board (1980)

Richard Chapell
Dick Crum
Ada Dziewanowska
Jack Langstaff
Arthur L. Loeb, PhD.
Robert J. Lurtsema
Alida O'Loughlin
Ralph Page
Tony Saletan
Paul Tsongas

PUBLICATIONS (as of April, 1980)

  • Familie Sekstur/Branle Normand
  • Hora Agadati/Sarajevka Kolo
  • Ardeleana
  • Dobrudjanska Ruka
  • Tarantella Napoletana
  • Buchimish
  • Szekely Friss
  • Invertita
  • De-A-Lungul/Itele
  • Quadreglia Napoletana
  • Knoedeldrahner
  • Tropanka from Dobrudja
  • Hammerschmiedsgselln (in Bb) (in C)

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