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Michel Breger Deborah Horn


Information: A folk dance magazine devoted to all aspects of folk dancing.

Folkdance Life was published by Deborah Horn and edited by Michel Breger.

The magazine had a staff of Debbie Harris, Mark Mitchell, Chuck Roth, Carol Russell, and Ann Westmoreland, with regional centers handled by Jonn Singleton , Leslie Wagner, and Julie Krause (San Antonio), Surra Tregarth (Norman), and Marian Doddington (Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington).

The magazine also published several folk dance descriptions

Folkdance Life was published for five issues.

ISSUES Folkdance Life Vol. 1, No. 3

1:1 Winter 1975 (Sadi moma, Floricica olteneasca)

1:2 Spring 1976 (Changier Quadrille)

1:3 Fall 1976 (Ciuleandra)

2:1 Spring 1977 (Sîrba din Cimpoi)

2:2 Winter 1977 (No dances)


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