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Ghanima Gaditana

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Ghanima Gaditana


Information: Ghanima Gaditana, teacher of Middle Eastern dance.

Ghanima Gaditana has performed and taught Oriental Dance professionally for many years. Formerly a student of Jamila Salimpour and Aida Al-Adawi and choreographing member of Bal-Anat, she is a specialist in ethnic / folkloric styles and in proper usage of the body in Oriental Dance. She has made several trips overseas for purposes of dance and costume research, visiting Bulgaria, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, and Yugoslavia. In addition, for ten years she organized study tours to Turkey, focusing on the "Great Goddess." She has also studied classical and folkloric styles of instrumental and vocal music, ballet, modern dance, tap, hula, folk dance, and Movement Analysis (Labanotation).

One of Ghamina's major presentations was "Dancing with the Shadow" at the International Conference on Middle Eastern Dance in Costa Mesa, California, in May of 1997. Ghanima currently teaches in Santa Clara, California, performs at restaurants and nightclubs throughout the south San Francisco Bay Area, and is available for performances, classes, workshops, and conferences.

Among Ghanima's articles and publications are:

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