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Gauverband Nordamerika Gaufest

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Gauverband Nordamerika Gaufest

Gauverband Nordamerika Gaufest logo Website: https://www.gauverband.com/gaufeste.

Information: Gaufeste are four-day biennial gatherings of the Gauverband Nordamerika held in odd-numbered years in July; host Verein varies.

Typical events include Heimatabend (performances of traditional song, dance, and music), Mundartmesse (traditional church service done in Bavarian dialect), Welcome and Farewell Dances, Festabend (Saturday banquet), Ehrentaenze (honor dances), Festzug (parade), Festtag (Sunday festival), Preisplatteln (prize dancing), Jugendeinzelplatteln (children's single-couple dancing), workshops, and socializing.

Gaufest is held in Atlantic City, New Jersey in July.

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