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Michael Ginsburg

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Michael Ginsburg 2005


Information: Michael Ginsburg, teacher of Balkdan dance.

Michael lives in New York City. He started dancing as a young child with his parents. For many years, Michael has been interested in Balkan music and dances, specially Macedonian and Gypsy. He is an expert in the complicated rhythms of Balkan music.

He has made several research trips to Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia, and studied in Macedonia with Pece Atanasovski, with whom he made research tours of the country. Michael has been teaching since 1962. His energetic and accessible teaching style make him a popular instructor at dance venues all over North America, including the Herman's Folk Dance House, the Herman's Maine Camp, EEFC Balkan Music & Dance Workshop, International Folk Music & Dance Camp, Mendocino Folklore Camp, San Francisco (California) Kolo Festival, Stockton Folk Dance Camp, and Texas Camp. He has also taught groups in Europe, South America, and Asia.

Michael is director of the Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band of New york, which has performed twice in Macedonia and is well known among the folk dance community in the United States for its lively rendition of Čoček. The band has produced several music CDs and was twice asked to perform in Guča, Serbia. Michael also has played with the Bay Area Brass Band and plays the trumpet, tuba, accordion, frula, and tupan. He can converse in Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, and Russian.

Michael has been a physical education teacher at the Bank Street College of Education in New York city for some time and helps run Folk Dance Fridays, an international folk dance group in New York City. He has taught classes for the Center for Traditional Music and Dance (formerly Etnic Arts Center and Balkan Arts Center) and has been a teacher at some of their festivals.

Michael has produced a fine recording of Balkan dance music on the Rounder label which is available from your local folk dance recording outlet or directly from Michael himself.

Dances Michael has taught include Acano Mlada Nevesto, Ajd' Na Ljevo, Baba Đurđa, Čačak from Padež, Čamčeto, Čangulovo, Čoček, Dafino Vino, Devetorka, Dolgoto, Elenica, Kolo, Krivo Žensko Oro, Mihailsko, Mista Kolo, Myatalo Lenče, Ovčepolsko Potrčulka, Preplet Kolo, Presjekača, Rhodopsko Horo, Seljančica Kolo, Skopski Čoček, Skudrinka, Slavjanka, Slavonsko Kolo, Sofka, Syrtos Salaminos, U Šest Koraka, Užička Čarlama, Veliko Kolo, Vranjanka, Zaplet Kolo, Žensko Pušteno, and Žikino Kolo.

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