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Gjura beli belo platno

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Information: A dance and song.

Translation: She wrung it and soaked it.

Pronunciation: GYU-rah BEH-lee BEH-loh PLAHT-noh

Other names: Paiduško, the generic name.

Region: Trûn, Bulgaria

Music: Bulgaria in Song and Dance, N.P. 595 (Bulgarian National Ensemble Naša Pesen).


     (Traditional sounds of Bulgarian women wringing out laundry at the banks of a river and laughing when someone loses a piece . . .)

Gjura beli belo platno
na rekata pod dûrvoto.

          // Ey he he he a ha ha ha
          o ho ho ho i hi hi hi //
          ps ps psh psh yihu!

// Promûkno ga, natopa ga. //
Pa doteche mûtna voda
ta otvleche belo platno.
// Ohno Gjura za platnoto. //

"Lele male za platnoto
shto sûm tkala tri godini."
      Gjura was bleaching white cloth
at the river under a tree.

          Ey he he he a ha ha ha
          o ho ho ho i hi hi hi
          ps ps psh psh yihu!

She wrung it and soaked it.
And then muddy water came along
and carried away the white cloth.
Gjura groaned for the cloth.

"Oh Mama, the cloth
that I spent three years weaving!"


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