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Gori More

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Information: A dance.

Forrest Johnson observed this dance at the St. Sava's Serbian Picnic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in August, 1997. Mike Malich, former dancer with the Duquesne University Tamburitzans and later director of St. Sava's Serbian performing dance group, thought the dance originated in America from Serbian-Americans. Forrest has observed this dance at other Serbian-American dances led by teens or young adults who have requested the local bands to play it. The song, Gori More, is apparently a folk-pop recording from Serbia. The step pattern may resemble Macedonian dances of your acquaintance, but the styling should be Central Serbian. Forrest wrote these notes in 1998.

Translation: What's up?

Pronunciation: GO-ree MO-reh

Region: Serbian-American

Meter: 4/4

Formation: Broken circle, leader at R end. Hold joined hands shoulder-high with elbows bent. Hold free hands (at the ends of the line) clenched as fists and held at the small of the back in secret defiance of foreign overlords, oops! I mean, to hide that really tacky manicure you just paid big bucks for! Face slightly to R.


1-8 Insert earplugs and adjust your paradigm of "folk" music!
  The Dance.
1 Walk CCW around the circle 3 steps onto: R foot, L foot, R foot (cts 1,2,3), facing center, lift L foot behind R ankle (ct 4).
2 Grapevine (side steps and steps across or behind the support foot) CCW around the circle: step behind R foot onto L foot (ct 1), facing slightly to R, step forward to R onto: R foot, L foot (cts 2,3), facing center, kick R foot forward (ct 4).
3 Grapevine CW around the circle: facing slightly to L and CW around the circle, step forward onto R foot (ct 1), facing center, step to L onto L foot (ct 2), step back onto R foot (ct 3), kick L foot forward (ct 4).
4 Walk CW around the circle 3 steps onto: L foot, R foot, L foot (cts 1,2,3), face center (ct 3) and kick R foot forward (ct 4).
  Face to R and repeat action of bars 1-4 to the end of the music.
Note: Dance small and precise steps, as you used to do in Šumadija, Serbia. The lift in bar 1 comes only ankle-high. All kicks swing from the knee with kicked foot parallel to and near the ground.



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