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Graovsko horo

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Ventsi Sotirov Information: A dance.

Translation: From the village of Graovo

Pronunciation: GRAH-ohf-sko hoh-ROH

Region: Shopluk, Bulgaria

Source: Taught by Ventsi Sotirov of Chicago in about 1998.

Meter: 2/4

Music: Nišava: Folk Music from Northern and Eastern Europe. (NIS1212) Side 1, Band 2 "Graovsko."

Formation: Hands held down.

Steps and Style: Small sharp steps. Knees flexed somewhat.

Description: By Michael Kuharski and Marjorie Nugent.



  The Dance.
1 Turning to face RLOD, but moving LOD, hop on L (ct 1); step R (ct &); step L (ct 2).
2 Turning to face LOD, and moving LOD, step R (ct 1); step L (ct 2).
3 R-L "bloop-step" continuing in LOD (begins on "uh-" quarter-count of meas 2 (ct 1); Hop on L (ct 2).
4 Facing center, small step R sideward right (ct 1); Hop on R in place, lifting L in front of R (ct 2).
5 Hop on R (ct 1); Step L sideward left (ct &); Step R across in front of L (ct 2).
6 Hop on R (ct 1); Step L sideward left (ct &); Step R across behind L (ct 2).
7 Prancing step L in place (that is, lifting R knee high) (ct 1); Prancing step R in place (ct 2).
8 Prancing step L in place (ct 1); Step R, twisting back right ("wind-up count") (ct 2).
9 Step L in place, facing center, swinging straightening R leg around and forward (ct 1); Kick straight right leg high and front (ct 2).
10 Close R to L (ct 1); Step R in place (ct 2).
11 Hop on R in place (ct 1); Step L across in front of R (twist to right) (ct 2).
12 Hop on L in place (ct 1); Tight step R across in front of L (twist to left) (ct &); Tight step L across in front of R (twist to right) (ct 2).


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