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Hardanger Fiddle Music
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Hardanger Fiddle Music and Dance Workshop

Hardanger Fiddle Association of America logo Website: http://www.hfaa.org/.

Information: The Hardanger Fiddle Association of America (HFAA) annual Music and Dance Workshop offers a very special opportunity for getting to know Norwegian Hardanger fiddle music and dance traditions in depth. Their workshops focus on the dynamic, intriguing music and dance of Norway.

The HHAA is dedicated to both nurturing beginners and providing challenges for the more advanced. They invite you to come and join them in an environment that has been called the warmest and most supportive in North America.

Located on the edge of a restored prairie 35 minutes west of Madison in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, Folklore Village Farm offers a perfect venue for hardingfele and dance classes, concerts, lectures, and dance parties. Folklore Village Farm is the setting for all workshop activities in July.

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