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David Henry

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David Henry


Information: David Henry, teacher of Balkan and Greek dance.

David Henry was born of Scottish ancestry. He folkdanced since the 1950s and went to Greece fourteen times to collect folkdances. David presented over 200 workshops for colleges, universities, and community groups in the United States, Canada, and Europe. He was an organizer of numerous folkdance festivals and folkdance tours of Greece.

David served as proprietor, webmaster, shipping clerk, and jack-of-all-trades for "FolkThings" of San Antonio, Texas, where you could order folk items (music, books, videos, costumes, etc.); view calendars of upcoming dance events, camps, cruises, and tours; a directory that lists people, groups, organizations, and products; view classified ads; read Quo; purchase used "stuff;" and meet the eclectic staff.

David was a member of the faculty in Barnard College (Columbia University) and Queens College (City University of New York).

David had some medical problems, which caused him to abandon work on his website (and, subsequently to lose his "folkthings" domain name).

David passed away in Tibilisi, Georgia, on January 20, 2020, from severe respiratory illness. He will be very much missed.

Dances David has taught include Andaman Palakari, Bătută, Beratis, Čerkeska, Elem V' Susato, Gaida Gidhas, Gaitanaki, Grammenochoritikos, Gruezi Wohl Frau Stirnima, Iatros, Kainourios Argos Hasapikos, Kalamatianos, Kangeli, Kastrinos, Koftos, Konitses, La Storta da Crusch, Leoto, Leventikos, Manschester, Marine, Menousis, Nestinarsko, Nizamikos, Orcha Bamidbar, Pogonisios (Sta Dhio, Latros, Koftos), Pogonisios (stage version), Sapri Tama, Sta Dhio, Sta Tria, Syrtos, Syrtos Aghias Elenis, Ta Maghia, Tfillat Hashachar, Thrakikos Horos, Tripati (Tripotis, Tachti), Tsakonikos, Tsamikos, Varys Hasapikos, Zagorisios, and Zonaradhikos.

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