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Idlewilde (Texas) Folk Dance Camp

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Idlewilde Texas Camp

Information: A Texas Folk Dance camp (1964).

On January 1, 2000, Demosthenes "Demo" Agoris of Houston, Pennsylvania, called Ron Houston, Trustee of the Society of Folk Dance Historians (SFDH), to inquire about this camp.

Demo was stationed at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas in 1964, from March to May for preliminary training and from June to November on duty station. Demo, who started folk dancing at Pennsylvania State in 1961, continued folk dancing in San Antonio with the San Antonio Friday night folk dancers, a group that met at the YWCA at 15th and Broadway. Demo attended this camp and wondered who else had attended. Because Demo had bought Ron's 1976 Folk Dance Catalogue and been a member of the Society in 1998 and 1999, he was aware that Ron was a Texas dancer from the time in question and wondered if Ron remembered him from that camp. Ron didn't remember that camp specifically, and the two of them derived this list of attendees:

Leon and Marilyn De King, who lived near Lackland. Leon was a major at the time,
Leon McGuffin, a San Antonio dancer and leader,
Nelda Drury and son Jimmy, San Antonio dancers,
Chuck and Kay Codd, San Antonio dancers,
Gaby Hildebrand, a Corpus Christi dancer,
Patricia "Pat" Thompson from TWU North Texas (half Pennsylvanian),
another woman from N Texas,
Larry Bottimer from Kerrville, one of the inspirations for the flyer,
? Miller,
2 Korean girls,
Nancy McGowan? (flyer artist, later Pruitt).

The 1964 Labor Day Idlewilde saw the last gasp of informal Texas folk dancing, because the Texas International Folk Dancers incorporated in the following months. Prolific correspondence at that time between the leaders of Texas folk dancing revealed the following attendees at that camp:

Roy and Zibby McCutchan, normally of San Antonio but living in Marshall, Texas that year,
Gene and Betty White (Gene did not dance),
David Houston, and
Emerson Hawley.

Almost certainly the cooks would have included:

Julia Moody from San Antonio,
Emma Martin from Austin, and possibly an
Emma Jean from San Antonio.


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