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Janka devojka

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Information: A song.

Translation: Janka, the young and beautiful girl.

Pronunciation: YAHN-kah DEH-voy-kah

Region: Bulgaria


// Jasnoto slûnce gree v'nebeto,
Janka devojka pee v'poleto. //
Bjala i strojna kato topola
// V'rusite kûdri le kitka zabola. //

// Sveža i čista kato rosata
s'aleni buzi kato zorata. //
Sred zvenovodki pûrva v'poleto
// Pûrvija pogled lele grabva sûrceto. //

// Štom na horoto tropne s'ergeni,
tropat i vikat vsički zasmeni. //
// A na sedjanka počne li pesen
vseki zamlûkva le sluša unesen. //
      A radiant sun shines brightly in the sky,
a young girl, Yanka is singing in the field.
Fair and straight like a poplar.
She has placed a bouquet in her flaxen hair.

She is pure and fresh as the dew
Her cheeks are pink like the sunrise.
Among the team leaders, she is most fair.
One glance at her, and your heart is taken away.

When she starts dancing the horo with the young men
everyone stamps and shouts with joy.
And when she starts singing
everyone falls silent, carried away by her song.


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