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Javore, Javorčo

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Information: A song.

Translation: Maple, little maple

Pronunciation: yah-VOHR-ray, yah-VOHR-choh

Region: Bulgaria

Anecdote: Donka called this a hayduk song: An old vojvoda (leader) misses the old days in the forest with his družina (rebel band).


Javore, Javorčo
ti dûrvo naj-dobro
Pomniš li Javore
Pomniš li znaš li

Kuga pod teb sidehme
pod tvoyte dûrve visoki (pod tvojte senki dûlboki)
pod tvojte, Javore
pod tvojte listi široki

Sûs mojta, Javore
sûs mojta vjarna družina
družina, Javore
družina vjarna sgovorna

Mladost e, Javore
mladost e vreme za radost
starost e, Javore
starost e vreme za žalost
      Maple tree, oh little maple
you're the best tree.
Do you remember, Maple,
do you remember, do you know

When we sat underneath you
under your high branches (under your deep shade)
under your, Maple,
under your wide leaves

With my, Maple,
with my faithful band,
band, Maple,
faithful band,united.

Youth is, Maple,
Youth is the time for joy.
Age is, Maple,
Age is the time for sadness.


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