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Information: A dance.

Region: United States


The old (original?) version of the dance:

Swing four hands half round and back
Circle left and back to the right
Moulinet: Right-hand star and back with the left.
First couple (actives?) down the center, up, cast off, right and left.

A more recent version collected by Dan Luecking:

A1 – Circle L then R.
A2 – RH star then LH star.
B1 – Actives down the outside and back, step between the inactives to make lines of four.
B2 – Down the hall (about 4 counts). Actives (in the middle) make an arch and the inactives (on the outside) duck under (about 4 counts). Return to the top of the set, actives backing up (8 small steps).


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