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Joc de Fete

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Information: A song.

Translation: Dance of the girls

Pronunciation: ZHOK deh FEH-teh

Other names: M-o Facut Maicuta-n Zori (Mother gave birth to me at dawn)

Region: Banat Romania


Foicica doi bujori
M-o facut maicuta-n zori
Spre Duminica da flori
Sa fiu draga la feciori
      Mai bade draga

S-asa bine m-o facutu
Cum maicutii i-o placutu
Doua fete da bujor
Sa fiu draga tuturor
      Mai bade draga

M-o facut m-o inchinat
Da noroc m-o descantat
M-o stropit cu pana verde
Sa fiu draga cui m-o vede
     Bade draga

(Theodor and Lia Vasilescu
were not able to understand
"a single word" of the 4th verse
and therefore did not attempt
to transcribe it.)

Rau ii pare lui badea
Ca nu m-o putut lua
C-o luat alta din sat
Si traieste cu banat
     Bade draga

Cu banat si tot suspina
Cu dor mare la inima
Cu banat si cu-ntristare
Ca pa mine nu ma are
     Bade draga
      Little leaf of two peonies
Mother gave birth to me at dawn
On flower Sunday
To be loved by lads
     My sweetheart

And mother grew me up so well
As she liked
Two rosy-cheeks
To be loved by everybody
     My sweetheart

She made me, she blessed me
She wished me luck
She sprinkled me with a green feather
To be cherished by those who see me

My sweetheart is very sorry
That he could not marry me
Because he took another girl from the village
And he lives now in sorrow

In grief he is always sighing
Longing with his heart
With sorrow and sadness
Because he is not with me


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