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Jovano Jovanke

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Information: A song.

Translation: Jovana, Jovana

Pronunciation: YO-va-no YO-van-keh (In the Macedonian language, the accent falls on the third from last syllable.)

Region: Macedonia

Anecdote: Why two steps, both authentic, but from different regions of Macedonia? The original researcher may have confused a stage choreography with a village dance. The dance might have been arranged to fit a recording. Recreational folk dancers who dance only the "lesnoto" pattern to the Jovano Jovanke music might be trying to re-create what they think of as village culture.


Jovano, Jovanke
// Kraj Vardarot sediš, mori belo platno beliš
Se na gore gledaš, dušo srce moje, Jovano. //

Jovano, Jovanke
// Tvojata majka, mori tebe ne te dava
Kaj mene da dojdeš, dušo srce moje, Jovano. //

Jovano, Jovanke
// Jas te doma čekam, mori doma da mi dojdeš
Ti mi ne dohodiš, dušo srce moje, Jovano. //
You sit by the Vardar, you bleach white cloth,
You keep looking up, my soul, my heart, Jovana.

Your mother doesn’t let you
Come to me, my soul, my heart, Jovana.

I wait for you at home, for you to come to me.
But you do not come, my soul, my heart, Jovana.


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