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June Camp

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June Camp

June Camp logo Website: https://sites.google.com/site/junecampifd/.

Information: June Camp begins Thursday evening with a relaxed request dance party where you can reconnect with old friends and favorite dances.

Friday includes the Dance Exchange in the morning, and a workshop session in the afternoon. Friday afternoon ends with their tradition of outdoor dancing to live music by camp participants before dinner. The evening dance party features more live music by their guest musicians, as well as a program of requests gathered in advance.

Saturday morning and afternoon are filled with workshops and possibly an after-lunch Culture Session. In between is the review of Dance Exchange material. Open request dancing fills out the afternoon. After dinner Saturday, dress in your ethnic finest for another dance party of requests and lots of energy from our fine musicians. The Ice Cream Social midway through the evening will refuel your energy.

Sunday morning after breakfast is the time for review of all the new material from camp.

June Camp is held at the Trinity International University in the north suburbs of the Chicago area in Deerfield, Illinois in May.

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