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Nina Kavardjikova

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Nina Kavardjikova


Information: Nina Kavardjikova, teacher of Bulgarian dance.

Nina Kavadjikova was born in northern Bulgaria and was a professional dancer, touring the world as a principal dancer with the Bulgarian Trakia State Folk Ensemble. Nina graduated at the top of her class in Choreography and Dance Education from the Plovdiv Conservatory, at which she later became a professor of dance, teaching Bulgarian Folklore Dance. She has been a choreographer and dance director for a number of ensembles in Bulgaria, including the Trakia State Folk Ensemble and Aegis. She is particularly interested in the Bulgarian village dancing and music. She is a Bulgarian folklore and traditional dance instructor, choreographer, and researcher.

As one of the best and most knowledgeable Bulgarian dancers in the world, she taught at the prestigious Academy for Music and Dance Arts in Plovdiv (the top level of such institutions in Bulgaria).

Nina has choreographed and taught in Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. She has performed worldwide as a professional dancer. She makes regular folklore research trips to Bulgaria.

Nina is much sought after world-wide as one of the finest Bulgarian dancers. She is renowned for her exquisitely elegant and dynamic teaching. Nina is a patient teacher with an excellent command of English. The U.S. now has a growing pool of former professional dancers from Bulgaria, many of them excellent and active in leading groups and teaching workshops. Nina distinguishes herself in this group in her level of talent, experience, and qualifications, both artistic and academic. She has been dancing since 1970.

Nina has partnered with Jaap Leegwater on their Netherlands and Bulgaria Dance Seminar and Folklore Tour.

Nina has taught in California at the Stockton Folk Dance Camp and at the Kolo Festival. She lived in the United States between 1992 and 1999.

Dances Nina has taught include Arap, Bera, Čapraz, Dimitrovsko Horo, Dva Pâti Nadjasno, Džangurica, Dvasti Tristi, Erkečko, Filek, Gajda - Mališevsko, Ginka, Glaviniška Kopanica, Graovsko, Izručanka, Kapansko Horo, Kavrak Eleno, Lazarica, Lile Lile, Mândeli - Kajmiaoa, Memede, Pajduško Horo, Petričko, Pirinska Lazarsko, Pravo from Černomorec, Pravo Plovidvsko Horo, Sitnica, Sitno Segvernjaško Horo, Srebranska Sborinka, Svičtovsko, Svornato, Teškoto, Trite Pâti, Vihruška, Vojniškata, and Za Pojas.

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